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Viridian Health Management’s My Weigh 2 Prevent Diabetes™ is an evidence-based lifestyle behavior change diabetes prevention program that can reverse the tsunami of costs on employers associated with employees with type 2 diabetes. Unlike other diabetes prevention programs, the My Weigh 2 Prevent Diabetes™ is the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP), of which Viridian is a recognized program partner.

The program is outcomes-based and allows you to assume less risk and pay only for engagement and outcomes that participants achieve. The program can be implemented successfully in worksites, physician group practices, community organizations and faith-based groups, among others.

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Viridian Health Management is a healthcare improvement company focused on improving individual and population health through its pioneering health coaching techniques, integrative approach to wellness, powerful technology platform and actionable analytics. Its comprehensive health management solutions combine evidence-based and emerging best practices for worksites, communities, the public sector and healthcare partners.

Transformative Analytics

Viridian's Maestro Total Care Management System™ platform focuses on using data to identify challenges and opportunities that favorably impact its clients’ goals. Such goals include broad health improvement strategies to reduce healthcare costs and manage chronic disease.

Partner in Healthcare Delivery

Viridian's comprehensive, evidence-based health management solutions offer partners an outcomes-focused approach to health behavior change to overcome barriers in healthcare delivery and help to keep healthcare costs under control.

Worksite Health

Viridian is a national leader committed to changing employee health behaviors through outcomes-based health improvement programs and services. Viridian's worksite health solutions maximize employee engagement and drive sustainable behavior change, resulting in measurable risk reduction and healthcare cost savings.

Community & Public Health

Viridian's partnerships with organizations such as the CDC and collaboration with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) demonstrate its commitment to public health through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles and research for disease and injury prevention.